A.M. is a love story about sound.

Yoshi, a recent college drop-out, is obsessed with recording the secret music of Tokyo at night. He’s also obsessed with pink cakes, clementine peel, the disappearance of time, women’s breasts, and the silence directed at him by his father. Riding a torrent of thoughts, he goes out with a contact microphone to feel for the hidden echoes and reverberations stored within the bodies of vending machines.

Kyoko, a girl from Hokkaido, is wandering the city in search of her adult self. Caught between introversion and a desire to be understood, she feels oddly adrift within her own body. Ever since a childhood illness affected her hearing, she has been haunted by the sound of a woman singing — a beautiful voice coming from nowhere, but seemingly trapped behind glass, without air, without sound …

A.M. weaves a rich meditation upon time, sound, being, and being nineteen.

for soprano, layered video and stepping stones
composed and directed by Arnoud Noordegraaf
written by Adrian Hornsby

link to A.M. on adrianhornsby.com
link to full A.M. site on inexcelsis.net

World premiere: 13 Nov 2010, 19.00, Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
14 Nov 2010, 13.00, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
14 Nov 2010, 15.30, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
22 January 2011, Utrecht, The Netherlands
19 March 2011, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Further tour tba (check here).

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