Freak or Geek

Kilometer Zero folk might remember Ethan Gilsdorf as the hardest working poet in Paris. During our years there, Ethan cranked it out and appeared in the pages of almost every lit journal (including our own) and on the mic of almost every stage (including our own). Now, he has his first book out, what promises to be a curious exploration of the world of role-playing and gaming and multi-sided dice. (We can only say 'what promises' because the copy KMZ ordered to its local bookstore in France was slyly bought by another customer; this, it would seem, is a good sign for Ethan.)

Hats off for your gumption, Ethan. For more information, join the man's Facebook group or sign up for his Twitter feed or read his blogs or visit his website or get all old school and content yourself with his free monthly email newsletter.



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