Users add content (text, images, and files) to a node by contributing. When viewing a node, click the contribute link in the functions at the top of the screen.

A contribution, otherwise known as a Datalog entry, consists of:

When contributing, you must post at least some text or one-or-more files, although you can do both.

What can you use it for?

Allowed filetypes

Uploaded files must have on of the following filename extensions:

Image, video, and audio file types are displayed on the website directly, other file types are downloaded and handled by the browser mime-type helper.

Sending an existing datalog entry to another node

In other words, how to contribute one entry to multiple nodes.

Screenshot of send to node form

  1. Find the existing entry you want to submit to another node.
  2. When viewing the entry (URL is /view/Entry:___) find the form in the right column called Send to node.
  3. Enter the title of the node to send the entry to (including namespace, if necessary).
  4. Click send!

The same entry will exist under the datalog of both nodes.