Articles can be edited by any logged-in user by clicking the edit link at the top of the screen.

Article fields


Node title
Only available for admin level users. When editing it allows changing the title of a node.
The main content of the article. Here, Wiki markup is used, automatically displayed as HTML.
Insert wiki snippet... menu
A shortcut list of wiki markup that automatically inserts the code into the content box.


A comma-separated list of keywords that help describe this article and node. (See Help:Tags.)
Version Notes
Type what you changed during this edit. A notification email will automatically be sent to all users who are watching this node. If your edit was of no consequence, choose Minor edit and no notifications will be sent. (See Help:History.)


Your username should be entered here, unless you intent to give the ownership of an article to another user. Note: a node can only be owned by one user, and only this user will be able to set permissions. If you give ownership away, you will not be able to get it back without asking the other person to do it for you.
Who can view / edit / contribute
Choose which group of users have access to the three functions of this node. (See Help:Permissions.)

Editing features