Like Rats

“LIKE RATS”, a provocative paper by Adrian Hornsby, originally delivered at the Kyoto of the Cities conference in Naples, is now available to read online via Cluster.

Here’s their summary:

In his paper Adrian Hornsby tackles the complexity of the problems that lie at the core of democracy, sustainability, and the urban form. From the democratization of information to the return of localism; imported melons to home-grown tomatoes; advanced communication technologies to increased carbon emissions; Beijing’s traffic jam to Britain’s car-phone suburban landscape; the ecotown concept to the expansion of megacities, ‘Like Rats’ reveals the contradictions and conflicts that condition societal behaviour in the face of systemic change. The argument culminates in a convincing - albeit controversial - conclusion that puts mobility and freedom of choice at the centre of cities’ economical and competitive success, and brings vertical density to the fore in resolving long-term sustainable development issues.

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