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As one response to the tyranny in Iran, Sparkle Hayter is promoting International Don't Drive Day, scheduled for July 12. Her new blog - - gives all the details, but here's the strategy in a walnut shell: Iran depends on oil revenue to maintain its brutal regime; if oil consumption drops enough, the price of oil will drop; and, as oil revenues drop, Iran will be more vulnerable to economic sanctions and more amenable to international opinion.

Even staunchy NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman is on board with giving Iran a kick in their oil wells:

"With oil at $70 a barrel, our economic sanctions on Iran are an annoyance; at $25, they really hurt," Friedman wrote two weeks ago. "Let’s get serious: An American Green Revolution to end our oil addiction — to parallel Iran’s Green Revolution to end its theocracy — helps us, helps them and raises the odds that whoever wins the contest for power, there will have to be a reformer. What are we waiting for?"

And, hell, even if you don't give a ripe fig about Iran or politics or anything else, opting for you bike instead of your car a few times a month is a great way to save a few bucks and build some nice buns. Look at these two fine fellows:


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