Victoria Browne, of KMZ #5 glory, has a dauntingly good new project that will be shown as part of the KALEID Exhibition in London. She describes the work thusly:

"Stringskips reference 18th century hachuring techniques and the celebrated Durfourkarten (a military topographical survey of Switzerland completed in 1862), giving historical details of the location to CERN's 21st century Large Hadron Collider.

"String theorists may describe the topography of the Multiverse as a mountainous spacetime divided into an infinity of valleys. This act of speculation is interpreted as intense, studious engravings, macro and micro in scale; two dimensional splinters of an exoteric, multidimensional landscape.

"As part of KALEID, new works on paper and glass microfiche will be exhibited."

Here's the show flyer:


And, you really should see the work:

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