The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter

You go to this address, there's a key there, there's a teapot, there's never a soul in sight. All you can do is wait ... maybe read the paper, or polish your gun. And everything is brilliantly structured and hysterically funny ...

BEN: Kaw!
GUS: What's that?
BEN: A child of eight killed a cat!
GUS: Get away.
BEN: It's a fact. What about that, eh? A child of eight killing a cat!
GUS: How did he do it?
BEN: It was a girl.
GUS: How did she do it?
BEN: She ... it doesn't say.

Kilometer Zero Theatre Company's scintillatingly macabre rendition of Pinter's basement classic.

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6 – 31 May 2003
Théâtre de Nesle, Paris
Ben - Damian McCann
Gus - Dario Costa
directed by Adrian Hornsby

September 2004
The Green Man, Paris
Ben - Dario Costa
Gus - Damian McCann
directed by Mik Kuhlman

The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter (1957)