This Bag

Amanda Park Taylor has been a superb community and environmental activist as long as we've known her, and she uses her platform as The Conscientious Objector columnist at L Magazine to rally for many a righteous cause. Amanda is also one of the world's great animal people whose dogs - Clovis, Miika, Faolain - are securely in the Pantheon of Great Pets. What could be more logical than her combining these twin passions? Logic, indeed, rules.

Amanda has started a new non-profit venture called This Bag Saves Lives. She has produced a limited series of silkscreen bags which she is selling online and in quality pet stores throughout New York City in order to raise funds for animals in need. As part of this campaign, she has also placed donation boxes through the city and can often be found racing around Brooklyn collecting donations of food, blankets, kitty litter, and other assorted pet accoutrements.

Learn more about her work (and donate or buy a bag!) at her website:


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