The Squatter's Cookbook

Probably most collectives at some point think about putting out a cookbook. A lot certainly keep one. It comes around when on a regular basis people are cooking for large groups — especially when they are born experimenters. We had a few extra angles: the French food thing; the squat kitchen; a kind of punkish approach (blow torches and Japanese saws); extreme budget constraints; and — true star-chef quality in the form of Thomas Pancake.

The basic idea was recipies you could make on one burner for almost no money with only the most rudimentary of implements, but which you could serve at a dinner party, and have guests swooning. Clutching at their chairs. Swinging from the curtains. Alongside the cooking component would be episodes and insights from squat life — marginalia from society's margins.

Post-credit crunch the idea had something of a resurgence. Jeremy was reading The Road and convincing himself that society could collapse utterly and at any moment. A lot of people had in fact never believed otherwise, and were now coming forward saying things like, ‘I told you so!’ and, ‘I always knew it!’ (to society this is). The rate of home foreclosures was pressaging waves of both peopleless homes and homeless people. Prime circumstances, one might suggest, for squatting. And those squatters are all gonna need to eat. Only question is, will they each buy a squatter’s cookbook?

To be confirmed .... For now, we have the old proposal, and the little movie Tabore cut together.

Watch The Squatter's Cookbook movie

The Squatter's Cookbook from kmz on Vimeo.